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FOOD TALES reveals incredible stories of the acclaimed chefs who make the GastroBeats festival possible.​​

As the sun sets, compelling chef stories unfold against the stunning backdrop of GastroBeats, a collision of artistic, culinary and musical talent like no other.​​

Each episode presents a new engaging portrait and incredible culinary delights.​




Creating Content That Matters

The six stories presented in Food Tales highlights the diversity and vibrancy of Singapore’s food landscape. ​

Moving seamlessly between visuals at Gastrobeats and their homes and restaurants, the series is a portrait of a chefs who never fit the nine-to-five mould. ​

Their creative journey, favourite recipes and path to success form the emotional spine to each episode. For some, their passions burned from young; for others, there was a moment they discovered their true-calling later in life. ​

Fun insights, recipes and the experiences of festival goers and influencers will be weaved in throughout.​

Cinematic, textural montages of the rest of the action at Gastrobeats will connect everything together and deliver a tangible, wanderlust-inspiring experience for viewers.​


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